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04 February 2008

A shop in Calgary...but I have to wonder how many people actually get the joke!

(Click on the image for a full-sized version.)


Blogger Stevyn Colgan said...

I get it! Mind you, I only know about 'Amos and Andy' from a historical radio show perspective - I don't think we ever got the show over here in the UK. And if we did, I'm too young to have heard it (how nice to be 46 and write the words 'too young'!).

Great blog BTW! So nice to find another blogger who delights in all of the bad spelling, intentional and unintentional puns and such like. I'm particularly fond of semiopathy; stuff like 'explosive dogs at work'. Lovely stuff.

Two shops I must mention ... in North Carolina I saw a carpet store called 'Walter Wahl'... and I once went to a pizza places called 'Stanellis' and then found out that the owner was a bluff ex-London cab driver called Stan Ellis. Inspired!

I shall pop back and visit often.


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